Friday, 22 October 2010

How do you dance like a black girl or freak dance?

* I've never really had a ';donk'; to shake, and never had an older sister to teach me or anything. But now i am at the party age, and dancing well.... FREAK DANCING is the big thing. I always get invited to theses banging parties and guys always beg me to dance with them but the straight point is i cant dance. =(

any advice or instructions , or like instructional videos on the net i can watchHow do you dance like a black girl or freak dance?
the best way to learn ANY type of dancing is to listen to the beat of the music.

Turn on the radio, cd, video channels or whatever, close your eyes %26amp; listen to the music. Worry less about what's being shown on TV %26amp; more about the flow of the music. As your listening to it, start moving your body.

Start by moving your hips to the music %26amp; let the rest of your body follow. Your hips %26amp; belly are the center of your body. If you let it lead then the rest will flow.

Just remember that ';freak'; dancing is basically a vertical expression of a horizontal desire.How do you dance like a black girl or freak dance?
just dance around like an idiot, it's what people do these days, you cant go wrong
you are stereotyping black people
first one is crank that soulja boy popular at parties

and the second has alot on the website
Well I'm a black girl as well and I have MANY friends that don't dance that well. They just have fun and do whatever they feel like doing. As long as your having fun but if you do want to look at some good dance crazes, go to youtube, type in things such as soulja boy, walk it out, and crank dat yank. And I don't have a ';donk'; either but it's not that hard to learn how to dance with a boy. Just pop and do whatever. But I would just say have fun and don't be ashamed!
here it is at its easiest;

while your dancing with a boy

bend your knees

and just sway to the beat

its really all it is.
watch rap and hip hop videos on BET or on youtube....and copy the dance you see!

Or put on a song that you really like and just start ';freakin'';!

that's how us poor folk do it....we don't have money to pay for dance class....
You can't dance either?

Whoo! I thought I was the only black girl who can't dance. xD

As pathetic as it sounds I just go to youtube and type in stuff like ';How to bump n'grind'; or ';how to juke'; or ';How to rock the dance floor'; stuff like that.

Youtube is an amazing and wonderful thing. xD
are you being rasist? halala! haha, um, dance crazy! be unique. Don't need to dance like them!

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